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«A versatility and style that have crossed the land borders of humanity... going beyond the language of war and division»

Her name is heard in high places such as the Olympia in Paris, the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the Presidential Palace in Beirut. She also performed at theDuomo Square in Milano in front of more than 50,000 spectators.

Granted the Lebanese Accomplishment Medal and graduated from the Paris Conservatory, crossover singer Tania Kassis embodies the new age of Lebanese cultural beauty with a multilingual pop-opera style. Her enthralling voice and her musical style have reached countries all around the world including France, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea … and her native land Lebanon. She interpreted Cosette in the Musical « Les Misérables » and paid tribute to Gibran Khalil Gibran in New York and at the UNESCO Palace in Paris. She has been very much appreciated for her Islamo-Christian AVE (an Ave Maria mixed with the Muezzin "Allah Akbar") that became her biggest hit!


Her interest for the cultures of the world had brought her close to South Korea. Invited on an official visit to Seoul, she met several political and military figures. The Korean public discovered her at the opening of a major Baseball game during which she sang the South Korea National Anthem! Then, she was on newspapers covers and had a great success in the most popular TV show of the country “Starking”.


Following this trip, Tania Kassis was appointed Honorary Ambassador of the South Korean Contingent of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon.


Her concert at the legendary Olympia Hall in Paris in 2012 made her the 3rd Lebanese singer to perform there after Sabah, Fairuz and Magida el Roumi. This concert was a big success where the audience reserved her 4 standing ovations.


She was appointed in 2012 the Godmother of the “Rose of Beirut".


In August 2013, she founded the ONE LEBANON apolitical cultural movement, gathering people who believe in the importance of unity. Its mission is to positively influence the collective attitude of today’s Lebanese by creating through cultural activities, an area of convergence, dialogue, cooperation, and exchange of experience within an atmosphere of respect, reconciliation, peace and unity.


She recently received a Murex d’Or as “Lebanese Ambassador on International Theaters” and for her new song "Watani", specially written & composed by renowned Lebanese composer Marwan Khoury, as “Best Patriotic Song of 2015”.


Her latest release is her song “Al Ardou Lil Jami3” (Land For All) recorded with the Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra and launched at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva.




"Tania Kassis live at l'Olympia" CD & DVD

The entire Olympia concert that included Tania Kassis' big hits such as the Islamo-Christian AVE, Ounchoudat Bayrout, Chou Ma Sar, l'Amour Est Un Tango and Jerusalem as well as revisited covers presented with Tania Kassis' own signature.

“Une voix extraordinaire, adoucie au miel des douceurs levantines. Il y a en elle quelque chose d’Adele, de Sarah Brightman, de Barbra Streisand pour le côté “show girl” “

Paris Match (France)

"One of the most anticipated intense moment of the evening, was the wonderful voice and the stage presence of Tania Kassis, internationally renowned soprano, who sang a very emotional "Ave Maria", with the echo of two young Sunnis (Maen Zakaria & Fares Massaad) who sang the traditional Islamic call to prayer "Allah is great".
Avvenire (Italy)

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