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Her name is heard in high places such as the Olympia in Paris, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Duomo Square in Milan, the Qalaa Festival in Cairo, the Cedars International Festival in Lebanon and Expo 2020 Dubai among others….

Her enthralling voice and her musical style have reached countries all around the world including France, the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea…

and her native land Lebanon. 

Granted the Lebanese Accomplishment Medal, crossover singer Tania Kassis embodies the new age of cultural beauty and has recently been described as the Golden Voice in Egypt when she sang at the Opening of the New Capital in the presence of President Abdel Fatah el Sisi.

In 2021, she was invited by Expo 2020 Dubai and the Holy See Pavilion to perform on Christmas Eve. She shined with thousand lights promoting World Peace through her powerful songs.


Her interest for the cultures of the world had brought her close to South Korea. Invited on an official visit to Seoul, she met several political and military figures. The Korean public discovered her at the opening of a major Baseball game during which she sang the South Korea National Anthem! Then, she was on newspapers covers and had a great success in the most popular TV show of the country “Starking”.


Following this trip, Tania Kassis was appointed Honorary Ambassador of the South Korean Contingent of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon.


Three of her songs have reached Number 1 in the Official Lebanese Top 20: Shu Mkhabba el Layl (in 2018), Zaman (in 2021) and Chou Baddou (in 2022).


* Lebanese Achievement Medal awarded by Lebanese Minister of Culture

* Medal of the Town Hall of Ottawa- Hull (Canada)

* Murex d’Or 2015 for her song “Watani” as best patriotic song

* Murex d’Or 2021 appreciation for her musical path.  

* Excellence Certificate by " Canadian Professional & Association of Ottawa"

* Recognition from the Lebanese Embassy in Sao Paolo (Brazil)

* Recognition from the Australia-Lebanese Businessmen Association


"ZAMAN" Album

Tania Kassis - ZAMAN Album Cover.jpg

1. Baadak Habibi

2. Albi L Zghir

3. Ma Hada Aaref

4. Window On A New Morning

5. Zaman

6. Chou Fi Brasak

7. Chou Baddou

8. Haamel Eh

9. Aam Yetghayyar el Hal

10. Mi Senti

11. Hawa Emraa

12. Tebka Hkini

13. Abel Mat Trouh

14. Window On A New Morning (The Remix)




Hekaytak Feyya Cover.png

“Une voix extraordinaire, adoucie au miel des douceurs levantines. Il y a en elle quelque chose d’Adele, de Sarah Brightman, de Barbra Streisand pour le côté “show girl” “

Paris Match (France)

"One of the most anticipated intense moment of the evening, was the wonderful voice and the stage presence of Tania Kassis, internationally renowned soprano, who sang a very emotional "Ave Maria", with the echo of two young Sunnis (Maen Zakaria & Fares Massaad) who sang the traditional Islamic call to prayer "Allah is great".
Avvenire (Italy)

Tania Kassis’ first Egyptian song composed by Amr Mustafa and written by Mustafa Nasser

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